Pouque Stories

The pouques stories involve the adventures of the naughty Guernsey fairy folk called pouques. They have shared many of their adventures with the two Robilliard children, Sammy and Jacob


Sammy and Jacob Robilliard

Sammy and Jacob live with their mother and father in a house on Rohais, not far from Waitrose. It is about 10 minutes walk down the hill into the main town, St Peter Port.

They attend a local Primary school and walk to school each morning together. Jacob is in Year 3 and Sammy is in Year 5.

They love living on Guernsey, so close to the beach, because they enjoy lots of outdoor adventures. Sammy is a real extrovert and a bit of a chatterbox. She is quite bossy with her younger brother.

Sammy and Jacob like to visit their great grandma Betty who was a small girl when the Nazis invaded in 1940. Betty lived with her grandparents during the occupation.




These are the pouque stories so far:


P'tit Âne (Book)

P'tit Jean changes into a donkey and causes chaos at the North Show.


Puffin (Book)

P'tit Jean goes with the children to Alderney and gets himself in trouble.

P'tite Maoue (Book)

It’s Halloween and the fairy folk on the island are competing for the Hallow Goblet for the best trick on the Humans.

Poodle (Book)

P'tite Jeanne travels on the boat with the children and all sorts of strange things happen which delay their journey.

Pisky (Book)

P'tite Jeanne goes with the children to Cornwall. She visits her Aunty and they cause mischief at the Eden Project.

Paemperluche (Website-More Stories)

P'tit Jean goes across to Lihou with the children, stopping on the way to cause mischief at Fort Grey.

Protector (Book and Website - Guernsey Gwen video)

The children’s great grandma tells them stories about how the pouques helped her when she was a child in the occupation.

Pourché d’fossai (Book)

P'tite Jeanne causes chaos at Rue Maingy where both the D of E groups and the Cubs are camping.

Forest Pouques (Website - Guernsey Gwen video)

P'tite Jeanne and P'tit Jean causes chaos in Year 1 at Forest Primary school

Coronavirus Pouques (Website- Guernsey Gwen - audio only)

Working with Guernsey Seaweed and the States, the pouques help the people of Guernsey control the coronavirus.



Additional pictures are available to accompany the stories:



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There are various places that you can buy the books from around town.