Guernsey Pouques


Bore da. Guernsey Gwen Dw i. Today is St David's day, patron saint of Wales. He was born in 597. I practiced speaking Welsh with my good friends Draig and Pwca.
The daffodils are out and it is a lovely spring day.
Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus.

22nd February is the birthday of Lord Baden Powell. He started the scouting movement which young people all over the world now belong to. P'tite Jeanne, from the Guernsey fairy folk, enjoys cubs. She thinks of others and says thank you to Akela for online scouting.

A thank valentines card to all the human key workers on Guernsey from the fairy folk of the world. #guernseytogether

The fairy folk are always very careful not to reveal too many details about themselves online. If they are cross with someone they always don't send a message immediately but wait and then read it again and think if it is being kind. #SID2021

Just caught up in a zoom meeting with my good friend Punxsutawney Phil. He has been busy this week predicting how long winter will last. He predicts it on Groundhog day -2 February. He told me that winter would last for 6 more weeks and we might get snow. Yeh!

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Did you know that the fairy folk of the Channel Islands are just as active today as they have ever been?

Each island has its own witch and colony of fairy folk, similar to pixies who are called pouques.

They are tiny men and women, the size of toddlers, with orange hair and green clothes.

They are shape shifters and can change into rocks and animals.


They speak Guernsey French.

Only children can see them, and they are very mischievous but have a kind heart.

Sammy and Jacob Robilliard have lots of adventures with the pouques.

Don't forget if you want to see some pouques - THEY WON'T SHOW THEMSELVES WHEN THE ADULTS ARE AROUND!


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Protector Pouques- Nano-occupation of Guernsey

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