Guernsey Pouques


I know that spell......
"Iggerty ziggerty zaggerty zoom
I really want somebody real in my room"

Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson

This is my last lockdown story about Guernsey which the cubs helped me with


My fairy folk will do their best to help out the humans on Guernsey. There are loads of fun activities for children to do at home on the scouting UK website. You don't have to be a scout to try them out. #guernseytogether

I applied my fairy folk filter to the official photos from President Biden's inauguration yesterday and I noticed that some of the American fairy folk also attended. Can you see Brer Rabbit, Ogopogo and the Laurel people? The spirits of the founding fathers were also there.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr day. He was an American man who lived in the 1960's in a world that did not treat all humans equally. He spent his life telling people that it was not right.
The fairy folk feel that there are only two types of humans: kind and unkind.

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Did you know that the fairy folk of the Channel Islands are just as active today as they have ever been?

Each island has its own witch and colony of fairy folk, similar to pixies who are called pouques.

They are tiny men and women, the size of toddlers, with orange hair and green clothes.

They are shape shifters and can change into rocks and animals.


They speak Guernsey French.

Only children can see them, and they are very mischievous but have a kind heart.

Sammy and Jacob Robilliard have lots of adventures with the pouques.

Don't forget if you want to see some pouques - THEY WON'T SHOW THEMSELVES WHEN THE ADULTS ARE AROUND!


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