Guernsey Pouques


The pouques choose some jazzy glasses to wear today, except La Grande Mabelle. She seems to be dusting Le Grand Colin instead of the shop sign. Hmmm... she should have gone to specsavers!!

C'est le 14 de julliet. The pouques were going to go to France by boat to join the French fairy folk to celebrate but the humans are on strike so they flew across as gros bec (sparrow) and maoue (seagull). The yellow cross on the Guernsey flag comes from the old Normandy flag.

P'tite Jeanne was most puzzled to find some very worn out leggings for sale and she wondered who would want to buy them. La Grande Mabelle said that was the fashion so the pouques decided to make P'tit Jean's trousers trendy. Unfortunately they forgot to take them off him first!

Today is National Cow Appreciation day. P'tit Jean pouque saw this bootiful little Guernsey lady at the North show last year, when he was being very naughty as a donkey.#CowAppreciationDay

Today is Tynwald day. The plane was fully booked so the pouques decided to travel to the Isle of Man by traditional means in order to celebrate their national day. They stopped on the way to pick up Joan the Wad, Queen of the Cornish piskies.

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Did you know that the fairy folk of the Channel Islands are just as active today as they have ever been?

Each island has its own witch and colony of fairy folk, similar to pixies who are called pouques.

They are tiny men and women, the size of toddlers, with orange hair and green clothes.

They are shape shifters and can change into rocks and animals.


They speak Guernsey French.

Only children can see them, and they are very mischievous but have a kind heart.

Sammy and Jacob Robilliard have lots of adventures with the pouques.

Don't forget if you want to see some pouques - THEY WON'T SHOW THEMSELVES WHEN THE ADULTS ARE AROUND!








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