Guernsey Gwen


Pouques at Forest School

Guernsey Gwen reads a special story for Year 1 at Forest School


Protector Pouques

Guernsey Gwen reads a special story set in the Nazi Occupation in 1941


Pouques and the Coronavirus          Guernsey Gwen reads (audio only) a story about the coronavirus

Pictures for the Coronavirus story

Seaweed Ben.

The pouques gate crashed his media photos with the Bailiwick press and ITV. This is an image taken with the Pouque cam.






Deputy Gavin and Dr Nicola

These are the pouques at the States live-streaming on facebook. Deputy Gavin and Dr Nicola are telling all the Humans about how the pouques can help. Only the children could see them. The two officials didn't know that they were there.


Guernsey Gwen would like your help. She is keen to do a video of the coronavirus story and she wants you to illustrate it with your pictures. If you would like your picture in the video then ask an adult to contact me.




Thank you to Joshua for sending in the first picture. He has done a story board for the story. He has started his picture showing Ben from Guernsey Seaweed with the sanitiser




Finlay has shown us all the seagulls pooping on the sick people when they put their heads out of the windows of their houses. The person with the red hair on the left is the one with the sickness. Thank you Finlay for the picture.





George drew a picture showing the very start of the story when the p'tite maoue pouques visited the children to check that everyone was well during the coronavirus.







Cody    Cody drew a story board.




Tom has drawn the sanitiser that the pouques left in the Guernsey seaweed shed





 Thomas has drawn us a picture of the pouques going to Sammy and Jacob's house to check that they are OK during the lockdown.









Sami has drawn a picture to show the seagull pouques visiting Samy and Jacob during the lockdown to check that they are OK.<iframe src="" width="640" height="564" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>